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A trusted brand of painting solutions that are simple to use, alleviate consumer anxiety and deliver professional results.

Innovation rooted in American manufacturing

The vision of Shur-Line reaches back to the history of not one but two companies. Beginning with EZ Paintr in 1945, whose founder Vern Touchett patented and marketed the paint roller, and Shur-Line in 1953, both companies have been making painting projects easier for a half century. Ultimately acquired by Newell Rubbermaid, merged together in 2002 and sold in 2013 to form the company we are today, Shur-Line still maintains its headquarters and manufacturing where EZ Paintr began in Milwaukee, WI.

Built on a reputation for quality and designed for efficiency, our manufacturing plant supports our customers with roller covers, edger pads and tray sets. Our distribution facility takes the manufactured products and adds imported products in order to provide a complete painting tool assortment for our customers. We’re proud to say in 2017 we also brought mini roller production back to the United States so consumers can experience American made quality and finish for an EXACT MATCH whether they are a using a full size or mini paint roller.

Our rich product history is highlighted by over 130 active patents in paint applicator technology and design. Since the inception of our first blade edger in the 1950s, Shur-Line has been the leader in designing convenience tools that make painting projects easier, faster and even fun.

Shur-Line continues to develop new products that are easy to use and offer great results regardless of the skill of the painter — making them ideal for homeowners and contractors alike. We offer a full product line of brushes, roller covers, mini rollers, paint trays, poles, frames, surface prep, edging and convenience tools.

Recent Innovation Highlights