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Mini Rollers

Mini Rollers

Shur-line Mini Rollers are perfect for painting those tight spaces, small areas, and odd shaped objects. Shur-line Mini Rollers come in 4-in or 6-in lengths, as well as a variety of handle types and sizes, so you can find the combination that’s right for you.

Our roller offerings are:

  • Foam:
    • Ideal for Ultra Smooth Surfaces (Cabinets & Doors)
  • Velour:
    • Ideal for Smooth Surfaces
  • Flock:
    • Ideal for Walls & Ceilings
  • Knit & Woven:
    • 1/8 in Nap for Wood Surfaces (Ideal for Stain Projects)
    • 1/4 in Nap for Smooth Surfaces (Ideal for Kitchen & Bath Walls)
    • 3/8 in Nap for Semi-Smooth Surfaces (Ideal for Walls & Ceilings and light textures)
  • Microfiber:
    • 3/8 in Nap Paint + Primer (6 in only)